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Bat Detectors
Choosing the best bat detector for you
There are now so many different bat detectors available that you can be forgiven for being a little unsure about which ones would be the best option for you.

The bat detector you choose should be the one that works the way you want it to and gives you the results you need.

If you're a professional ecologist doing work for clients, the bat detector you choose must be good enough for the job and give you good quality results.

There's no point trying to save a few quid by buying something cheaper, if it doesn't do what you need it to do.

Scroll down the page and I'll help you to make your choice. If you want more information about bat detectors and accessories just call me on 0333 9000 927 (leave a message if I don't answer and I'll call you back).
Basic bat detectors
(no recording function)
These bat detectors allow you to listen to bat calls but don't have a recording function.
Basic bat recorders
(record to other device)
These bat detectors allow you to listen to bat calls and can also record to a digital recorder.
Pro hand-held
(integral recording)
These bat detectors allow you to listen to bat calls and also have an integral recorder.
Pro passive
(integral recording)
These bat detectors can be left out to automatically record bats on their integral recorders.
Recorders for other species and ambient noise
Acoustic Recorders
These recorders can be used to record frogs, birds and aquatic life.
Marine Recorders
These marine recorders can be used to record whales, dolphins, porpoises and/or ambient sounds including pile drivers and air guns.
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